Good Evening OFDs... I just wanted to see how everyone is doing and take some time to reflect on these past few weeks.
I have hustled hard and phoned every contact I could think of again these past few weeks to try and rummage up some winter work to make it until xmas...
I have been very fortunate to have been working these past couple of months now and i am very grateful for this... The company i am working for right now has a great group of people!. the experience and attitude on our site is of what every site should be like...
Brothers,Sister,Sons,Daughters, Friends and Dads! All looking out for each other and all having a overall understanding of each others specialties and respecting the fact that we are all one Big Oilfield Family...
When one person leaves the site as the site winds down you hope they have something lined up to carry on and wish them well.
We have had people leave the job to secure longer work elsewhere to unfortunately have that work fall through... we know this because we first have become acquaintances then coworkers and friends in a short time on site... you bullshit with each other on who you know and what you know and done to exchanging numbers in hopes of further leads down the road that could be passed on...
That my friends is called Networking... connecting onsite, Facebook and Linkedin, listening to each others stories on the way home from work and after work with a beer or quad ride,hunting, fishing within a few hours before heading back to our room to say good night to our loved ones and get some shut eye before the shift starts bright and early the next morning...
We have had our fair share of ups and downs on site especially when some have to leave site for incidents that could have been prevented but also comes with a sadness to see them go because 1)... it could have been prevented and
2)... you come to work with them and know their circumstances of how hard they either fought to get this job and trying to catch up on bills that have been piling up over the last few months to wondering if they can get work before christmas again to be able to have christmas...
As all projects do... They come to an end... and for many that means layoffs before they wish and also many, understand the game and look at it like at least they have made this far and that they have the jump on finding something before the other which is a bonus...
So... which is it for any of you? Are you still working? have you found something? if not have you looked at investing into yourself as far as courses go to either changing careers or updating your internal software as i like to say....
I know we all have tried to do something on the side... whether its selling stuff on kijiji or buy and sells, investing into MLM's, or starting a new business! i would like to hear what you have to say!
I have a few things i have been working on a few things for myself and family that i hope will help fill the gap in wage loss... You all know what i have been building and if you haven't yet check it out... oilfielddads.com is my baby! I want and need more people to help build that online business to be able to help you in return by ways of commissions and or selling your own products and learning new ways to brand and market yourself with courses i am developing... ideas to to make it better? I did not put all my effort and time into it for nothing.. it will take time! it will succeed! its been a year ago i created Oilfield Dads and it has come a long way thanks to you all!
I appreciate all your support and continued value you bring to the group!
Cheers and I can not wait for another year of onward success stories from people! even if all hope is lost sometimes thats when you have the biggest break throughs! BE GRATEFUL AND BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BE!
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Don't give up in time of despair! Take action and FOCUS! you have to learn to Jump one day... your parachute will open! you have to believe it! thank you all...

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Scott GrahamI realize it's in Sask, but there are several driving jobs hauling oil in Kindersley. It's what I've found myself doing and it pays the bills. Lots of hours and decent pay.

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Shannon BartlettThanks for your post Oil Field Dad...it helps a lot to see the support and community out there. I am an Oil Field Mom, who has been out of work for 18 months. It's been very difficult for me to find work and I have branched out my search to other industries, as I have highly transferable skills. Little luck so far, but I keep trying. I've told my adult children that the money tree has dried up and they are very supportive and understanding. I'm fortunate in that I'm nearly debt-free and have been very careful in my spending over the years. You see...many years ago, I was a single Mom with very limited resources. I've never forgotten the lessons from that time. One of the best things that I've done with the wealth that the oil patch afforded me was to pay off my beautiful home in 10 years and the only toy I ever bought was a Honda motorcycle for a helluva good price. I will also never regret the money that I spent traveling to places such as Africa, Europe and the tropics. Sure, I'm broke now, but I feel rich in my life experiences. I won't be going hungry, as I've taken out a reverse mortgage on my home. I've applied for a job with Home Depot, as I think it would be really fun to work there. It doesn't pay a lot, but it would be all I need. I've shifted my thinking...I no longer need to fly to remote locations for $12,000/month. I'll let the growing families have that opportunity instead. Bless all of you families out there who are struggling...you deserve better than what you are receiving right now and my prayers are with you.

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Oilfield Dads shared Oil Respect's Mark Scholz Ottawa Update.

Oil Respect
Always bringing awareness to the masses... Mark Scholz is an advocate for many that need to be educated and Bernard Hancock is a great asset to have in the industry to tell it like it is... Oilfield Dads Appreciate you all for what you do!
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Oil Respect's Mark Scholz with an update from the House of Commons in Ottawa.