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 Thank you for taking the time to become informed about the Carbon Tax Petition and helping to inform others as well. I (Shaun) became involved with this to allow the people of Alberta the opportunity to respond to a referendum regarding this new tax imposed on January 1st, 2017 by Premier Notley.
We are a grass-roots group of people who have come together to fight this tax, because of the unjust “timing” and ideological reasoning behind the NDP imposing this tax.  Canada is not the main problem in the global environment causing problems with carbon emissions. As a country, we are extremely proud of our strict regulations to enforce and maintain “low” carbon emissions.  However, here we are being taxed, to reduce emissions, that are instead causing financial and emotional strife to our families, businesses and services where little if no change will be seen.  
We are reaching out to all areas and sectors within the province as well as everyday Albertans to give them a voice against this tax.  We require 500,000 plus signatures gathered in paper format, to have them presented in the Legislature to force a Referendum. We are looking at a possible June date for presentation in the Legislature.  The petition sheets have been numbered and vetted by the government to ensure that the format and protocol will be received upon reaching our signature goal.  
Presentation of our petitions will be done by MLA Derek Filderbrandt.  He will be representing our voices and efforts via the petitions which will then become a permanent record of government proceedings.  With these numbers and the strong message Albertans are sending to Premier Notley, it will be difficult for the sitting government to ignore! 
I ( Shaun) appreciate any assistance with the process of “reaching” men and women who are working in the energy sector in any capacity who are away from home, and allowing them the opportunity to send their message to Premier Notley. 
The process for getting “petitions” out to these locations requires having a contact person (Rig Manager, Welder, Truck Driver, Engineer, Maintenance or Derrick for example), contact myself, to then have them verified as a  “Petition Holder”.   If there is an issue with distance and or they are in remote areas, after initial contact with myself, we will be able find the most effective means to get “petitions” into their hands.  Their information is recorded, and then petition numbers are assigned.  I also enclose an informational sheet about the petitions as well as my name and contact info, for any questions or situations that may arise (returning petitions, require more petitions, or other peoples names wanting to become involved).
Below are some notes that may help explain varying costs and Bills that may help explain just how powerful and invasive this whole process is and will become.  I will explain briefly to give everyone a look into what may possibly be coming and/or could happen.
 – Carbon Tax will increase fuel costs : 5.35 cents/litre for diesel
                                                            : 4.49 cents/litre for gasoline
                                                            : 3.08 cents/litre for propane
                                                            : 1.011 dollars/GJ for Natural Gas
These are the increases that have been given to us but the price of all petroleum based products will also be affected.   Carbon Tax is effective as January 1, 2017 and will have another increase on January 1, 2018.  The increased cost of transportation of all products brought into Alberta will be passed on to the consumer, creating a “higher” cost of living.
– Bill 20 which includes the Carbon Tax also contains rules and regulations giving the Government powers to enforce compliance such as:
    – Random checking of vehicles on roadways to check documentation verifying carbon tax has been paid on any fuels carried in the vehicle, and detaining any vehicle not having proof of payment,   
    – Entering properties without a warrant to inspect petroleum products on the premise, inspect paperwork, accessing all computers to verify carbon tax has been paid and all regulations have been complied with.
These are just two of the more intrusive laws contained in Bill 20 and give the Government extraordinary powers to enforce this Carbon Tax.        
I hope that this email encapsulates the information that you require, but if you need further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you again for your assistance, each person who becomes informed and “helps” with this petition are “invaluable”!! 
Shaun Brinkhurst
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Proud Supporter and have Signed the petition to fight the Carbon Tax and YOU SHOULD TOO!