Up Coming Work

Up Coming Work

WOW! Can you believe it? I have started to build my second website in 4 months.
I think it is coming along nicely don’t you think?

I am building something special, fun and profitable.  My Media coverage on Global TV and CBC and CTV PrimeTime 




has captured the audience of thousands over a Facebook group I started a couple months ago called

Oilfield Dads

Ever since then I have been on a role! I have been in the Newspapers and on Radio Stations! I held a first ever Oilfield Dads Xmas party and it was a hit! I even got recognition from the Mayor of my Community.

This sparked an idea, an epiphany! WE sell ourselves every day without even realizing that we do it. It is subconsciously embedded into our minds, a habit by nature… Example, You sell yourself in a Job interview in hopes to impress your new potential employer do you not? You had to sell yourself to your spouse to get her to like you enough to be with you right?

So what is the difference with what I’m doing here? I am selling you the idea of marketing yourself to be profitable in a whole different spectrum… 

Internet marketing is Now, the Future of sustainability. If you want to be relevant, you have to be in the face of social media and sell the promise of why and if they invest into you that what they are getting is TRIED TESTED AND TRUE!

Take Risks and Take Action! Sell yourself on a inspiration that YOU TOO can achieve your goals and dreams to make your life better! to gain financial independence! Take hold of your life and Change the course of your future forvever! BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BE

Much Love 

Chad Miller

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